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These blog posts are all examples of rule breakers being held accountable for not following fundamental safety rules or, even worse, covering up their safety rule violations in order to make money.  Fortunately, the Constitution provides every resident the right to a jury trial so that these rule breakers can be held accountable for the benefit of the whole community. 

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$23.9 Million jury verdict after hospital delay causes baby’s brain injury

January 8, 2020

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A student-chef with a history of asthma suffered a sudden onset of back and chest pain.  A chest x-ray and CT angiogram were diagnosed as pneumonia, and not an embolism.  Four months later, he collapsed at home.  Tests revealed a massive pulmonary embolism, which affec...

A driver made a left turn without yielding to an oncoming couple on a Harley.  The defendant blamed the road construction for creating a confusing intersection.  The husband was in and out of hospitals for 11 months before dying.

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