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These blog posts are all examples of rule breakers being held accountable for not following fundamental safety rules or, even worse, covering up their safety rule violations in order to make money.  Fortunately, the Constitution provides every resident the right to a jury trial so that these rule breakers can be held accountable for the benefit of the whole community. 

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$23.9 Million jury verdict after hospital delay causes baby’s brain injury

January 8, 2020

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Purdue Pharma and members of the wealthy Sackler family that own the OxyContin maker have reached a $270 Million settlement to resolve a lawsuit accusing Purdue of deceptively marketing painkillers, helping create a deadly crisis sweeping the United States.

City hospital must pay $23.6 Million to a girl who sustained brain damage after a delayed C-section.

Bayer and Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen have settled “an estimated 25,000 lawsuits involving the blood-thinning medication Xarelto...for a total of $775 Million.” The cases claimed “that users of the medication...were not adequately informed of risks of life-threatening...

State was approved and funded to install safety barriers around overpass pillars.  State chose to only install earth berms.  Driver slid on earth berm and 15 year-old passenger killed.  State settled on eve of trial. 

Driver had been driving for over 17 hours when he was backing into a driveway, blocking the whole road.  Victim, 21, collided with 18-wheeler and died.  Jury found victim only 5% responsible.  No lost income was claimed.

After wedding rehearsal, guests went swimming in pond on conference center grounds.  Center had no warnings of hidden rock hazards in pond.  Victim suffered a broken next and was found 23% responsible for his injuries. 

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