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These blog posts are all examples of rule breakers being held accountable for not following fundamental safety rules or, even worse, covering up their safety rule violations in order to make money.  Fortunately, the Constitution provides every resident the right to a jury trial so that these rule breakers can be held accountable for the benefit of the whole community. 

To the right are featured posts; below are additional posts.  Feel free to send in comments. 

$23.9 Million jury verdict after hospital delay causes baby’s brain injury

January 8, 2020

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Jury found against facility for $42.5 Million. 

Facility repeatedly administered sedatives to woman against her primary doctor’s instructions in order to chemically restrain her during her short stay at the facility, causing her to choke on food and die. 

Woman had implant in 2008 to t

reat urinary incontinence.  Jury found Johnson & Johnson subsidiary negligent in design of the strip of plastic mesh, which left woman suffering from pelvic pain and chronic urinary tract infections.

Woman died following massive bleeding which was caused by complications during delivery.  Verdict includes $3.675 Million to husband; $4.9 Million each to three older children; and, $6.125 Million to newborn.  

Driver of company vehicle had expired license and was using phone when ran a red light and hit woman’s vehicle, causing traumatic brain injury and several broken bones.  Woman died 4 years later, but before trial.  Appellate court ordered an additional $5.1 in post-jud...

A man who underwent a debilitating and unnecessary prostate cancer surgery.  The clinic confused him with a patient who really did have cancer.  The jury was not impressed.

An iron worker was horribly injured when he fell 13 feet while working on a bridge from a makeshift platform.  The jury returned a verdict for $22 Million against the employer.

Security camera footage showed a man being tasered, punched and smacked the face with a plastic body shield as he is restrained by four officers.  The man was a schizophrenic. 

A jury returned a verdict for $21.4 Million for the families of two brothers who died of cancer as a result of their exposure to the known cancer-causing chemical called BENZENE.

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