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These blog posts are all examples of rule breakers being held accountable for not following fundamental safety rules or, even worse, covering up their safety rule violations in order to make money.  Fortunately, the Constitution provides every resident the right to a jury trial so that these rule breakers can be held accountable for the benefit of the whole community. 

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$23.9 Million jury verdict after hospital delay causes baby’s brain injury

January 8, 2020

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Radiologist missed a clear finding of breast cancer in a 59-year-old woman.  After two years of "normal" mammograms, she found a lump in the area of the missed diagnosis.   She is terminally ill. 

Patient was suffering from a sudden onset of mental illness described as “psychosis – seeing things that aren’t there” and brought to facility.   Patient was released hours later and drowned in ocean 30 minutes later. 

Homeowner hired Concrete Company and two immigrant laborers.  Truck ran over one laborer’s foot, resulting in amputation.  Case settled night before trial.  

The family of a bicyclist who was killed recovered $15 million from a jury.  Although no citation was issued and the police found the cyclist did not have the right of way, the jury disagreed and found driver 100% responsible.

Driver made left turn in front of 26 year-old male on motorcycle, breaking several bones and injuring both knees severely.  Motorcyclist could no longer pursue dream of joining Air Force.

Woman used Johnson & Johnson talcum (after shower baby) powder for years; the asbestos in the powder caused her cancer (lung mesothelioma).   

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