Medical Malpractice

More than 400,000 patients die every year in the United States due to preventable medical errors.  Many of these deaths are the result of violations of fundamental patient safety rules -- failures to communicate, order the right tests, monitor patients, or rule out the worst or most dangerous conditions first.  


Lawsuits are not about what happened to one patient -- they are about asking a group of 12 people from the community to enforce patient safety rules and keep the entire community safe, so the same things do not happen over and over again.

Wrongful Death

Life is precious and invaluable. All too often, the death could have been prevented if only the rules, policies and procedures already in place had been followed.  A rule or policy which is not followed is merely a good idea.

In addition to maximizing the recovery for loved ones, it is of vital importance that the rule violation which caused the death not happen again.  To do so, the Firm is prepared to see the matter through trial, so that a jury may send the proper message to the rule breaker and hold them fully accountable, so no one else from the community dies before their time.     

Defective Drugs
Defective Devices
Defective Products

If you or a loved one has been injured or is experiencing pain as a result of using a drug, having a medical device inserted, or using a product, use the pull-down "Practice Areas" menu, above, to learn more about the cases the Firm is currently handling and the toll-free number to call to learn more about each and whether you might have a claim.