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Maui Wildfires | 808-633-8138

In the aftermath of the Maui Wildfires, Sergio Rufo of Rufo Law Group in Hawai`i put together the best team of attorneys from around the country to represent victims of this tragedy. Sergio is proud to live in Hawai`i, where the law gives jurors — men and women like you (and not judges or politicians) — the power to ensure that safety rules are followed by providing full and fair compensation to victims of corporations and entities that place profits over people. As Sergio always says, “It is the jury’s job to keep the community and the islands safe by returning verdicts that corporations and other entities will take seriously.

Thus, he put together a team of law firms from around the country with unprecedented experience in both handling and leading wildfire litigation. The law firms of Peiffer Wolf, Levin Papantonio Rafferty, Skikos, and Rufo Law Group bring the experience, strength, and hope required to represent victims of such a devastating tragedy. And we are committed to holding the appropriate parties accountable for the unprecedented devastation, pain, and suffering caused by the fires in Lahaina. Collectively, our law firms have recovered billions of dollars for our clients.

Our attorneys are committed to helping the residents of Maui after this tragedy, so we are reducing our contingency rate to 25%. To contact us for a free case evaluation, you can call us at (808) 633-8138. You also can request an evaluation by clicking Maui Wildfire Lawsuit Evaluation.

Prior results do not guarantee future outcomes, but our team is committed to relentlessly working on your behalf. Contact our team on Maui at (808) 633-8138.

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