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Wrongful Death

Hundreds of people die every year in Hawai`i as the result of someone else's negligence.  Many of these deaths are the result of violations of fundamental safety rules -- failures of companies to properly hire, train, and/or supervise their employees. 


Often, companies have excellent  safety rules and policies which are NOT FOLLOWED OR ENFORCED, leading to the exact result -- death or serious injury -- the rule or policy was designed to prevent.  Remember:  A rule or policy which is not followed is merely a good idea.

Lawsuits are not about what happened to one patient -- they are about asking a group of 12 people from the community to enforce basic safety rules and keep the entire community safe, so the same things do not happen over and over again.

Dangerous Drugs
Dangerous Devices
Dangerous Products

Big Pharma and other product manufacturers often know their products are dangerous before they are sold.  Yet, these evil corporations place profit above everything, even human life. 

Dangerous Drugs, Implants/Devices, and Products cause death or serious injury.  Click the appropriate link below if you feel you have a claim. 

Not an "Accident"

There is no such thing as an accident.  An unexpected death or serious injury could always have been prevented if the safety rules had been followed. 

The Recreational/Tourism industry and the Aviation industry are perfect examples death or injury resulting from not following safety rules.

The Firm also accepts cases involving Human Trafficking  and Sexual Abuse, which  are never accidental and always result in serious injury or death.  For more information, click on the appropriate link below.    

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